That is what I feel today

As a person I love perfection. I look for it in myself and my work. I always try and live up to the expectations of my clients who are now and extension of me. To be welcomed in their most personal space, privy to some very private conversations, included in the celebration of the best days of their lives, is a fantastic feel. It’s extremely gratifying to receive so much affection and respect. For your art to be appreciated and acknowledged is the best feeling for an artist. My portfolio boasts of many celebrity weddings, luxury weddings, destination weddings, destination celebrations with the rich and famous who expect nothing short of exemplary in return and that is what I continuously strive to deliver. These clients have made me stand proud amongst India’s best woman photographer.

Gorgeous Genelia with an attitude to match, what a pleasure it was to capture that!

Poorna Patel who looked resplendent and made for a perfect subject!

I treat all my projects equal. They are all a piece of my heart. Every now and then some of them go out of their way to make is a special cherished memory for me. Like placing a gift hamper in my room just like they did for all other guests, or reserving a table in my name to join in the festivities, and hordes of video, audio and personal messages thanking me for my work and letting me know how I have made their special day so much more memorable.

When people go out of their way to make you feel welcome and include you in their festivities, can't thank you enough Aditi Deshmukh!

Beautiful hamper placed in my room, just like all guests!

I am humbled and grateful for all of you for being an integral part of my journey. Thank you all, I am blessed to have worked with you.

You may have hung your gloves Mr. Murthy but you will always be the winner who takes it all.

Breakfast with the Maestro Pandit Jasrajji, humbled and honored!

Sudha ma'am your words of appreciation still ring clear in my ears!

Mr. Mittal, working your coffee table book is an experience that will always make me proud

Genelia & Reitesh, you make a wonderful couple. It was a pleasure shooting you guys!

Aditi Deshmukh, you made me feel a part of the family!

Tarun Tahiliani, you make me feel special always

Manish Malhotra you are my style icon, thank you for your appreciation

Thank you Bhavesh Sawhney, I am looking forward to working with you soon!

With Sabyasachi appreciating my work and you can read from the expression of awe as I stand amidst his...

Padma Shree Paresh Maity, the colours that stole my heart