Let's Begin...

One of India’s most eminent photographers, Raghu Rai, once said: “Those that seek are blessed.” If I was to objectively appraise my craft, would conclude to being both, blessed and constantly seeking! I like to think outside the box, never satisfied till I find that one angle that captures the most obscure, plodding and digging in vigorously (even if it means jumping fort walls or being airborne), in the process generating images that assured my space among India’s finest photographers.

Every time I look through the lens I see poetry in motion. My fly on the wall style brings me the most amazing candid moments...sometimes as an observer, at times behind a wall, or a quiet capture from a corner, looking from a birds eye view – exposes a whole new perspective to me. A bride painstakingly getting ready with carefully pondered over details for over months, finally all coming together on the Red Letter Day…every gesture with poise and grace as she adores herself looking through the mirror in anticipation of a new life… I love capturing moments that make people look beautiful, for I believe there beauty in each and look for that elusive angle which brings out their best.

15 glorious years in the industry and what continues to set me apart is my unmitigated creative curiosity. I have enjoyed the mantle as the first woman to storm into what was then a strictly male-dominated segment. It wasn’t easy but definitely gratifying to follow my passion breaking all barriers. I have been fortunate for a modest portfolio of the rich and famous with some nonpareil projects with the likes of The Royal Family of King Al Saud of Riyadh, Bollywood celebrities Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh, Political Leaders Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Praful Patel, Corporate Houses as the Jindals, the Ambanis, the Mittals, and Narayan Murthy.

In addition have also published and produced a Bollywood feature film and featured in leading bridal magazines, publications television channels such as Vogue, Wedding Affair, Today, Man’s World, Femina, Open, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, Mint, and NDTV. I have a keen eye for capturing micro moments in a moment…a couple sitting by the lake, capturing the fire within, the magical warmth of the sunset or sunrise tones, painting with the warm hues, or the light filtering through a crack, reflection of a bride or sometimes the divine light blessing my bride’s journey ahead. Through every frame I try and aesthetically capture the couple’s fairytale unfolding in front of me.

A story teller with a blend of artistic photographs and portraits, candor, emotions, rituals ensuring no details are missed out to complete the magic…I am Ronicka, and this is my story of joys and celebrations, of emotions and tears, captures which speak of many subtle and loud, boisterous and bold moments encapsulated, timeless, eternal…