My SICIS Mosaic Art

An art installation that speaks for itself!

Back in 2010, I was introduced to SICIS, by Mrs. Ramola Bacchhan. I was aware of the brand as they are Italy’s finest Mosaic tiling brands with the most amazing concepts for interiors. They were essentially into mosaic artwork for indoors and outdoors for commercial and housing projects. SICIS, is a brand synonymous with versatility combined with Italian creativity, touching the verticals of aesthetics and style, combining in-depth knowledge of ceramics for a futuristic approach.

SICIS wanted to reinvent their creativity with my art to conceptualize in an almost inconceivable form, ceramic mosaic bridal portraits! This idea was birthed when the SICIS President & Owner Mr. Leo Placuzzi came across the image of a beautiful Indian bride and decided to offer bridal portraits for the couple. Looking at my extensive portfolio, I was offered brand ambassadorship which I was more than happy to accept. I was asked to share one of my favorite bridal portraits for the pilot project which was quite a task since I had so many splendid bridal shots to choose from. But of course, I opted for a life-size portrait to see how the grandeur would translate into such a unique concept.

What I received surpassed my expectations. My picture was beautifully converted into a splendid piece of art and it was huge! It was shipped all the way from Italy to Mumbai where I was residing at the time. When I saw the size, I was awestruck and worried, would it ever fit? What would I do with it if it didn’t?? It took all of 12 people to lift that heavy tile ceramic mosaic up into my modest Mumbai apartment and my worries were put to rest. It fits in beautifully in my apartment like it was always meant to be there spectacular in its grandeur, the accessories in detail, the jewelry impeccably designed – it was my photograph come alive in ceramic!

The bride's groom placed an immediate order for a piece with me. When I discussed with him on the pricing he just laughed and said, how do I cost it? There were intricate details of the jewelry, the brocade embellishments, the accessories, the attire all encapsulated in 100s of tiny chips.

Two most prestigious brands SICIS and Ronicka Kandhari Photography came together for what was to be another milestone like no other. One of its kind, the portrait sits and fits perfectly in my office in New Delhi now, my favorite piece of art close to none.