My first Coffee Table Book Launch

First ever coffee table book on weddings!

Personal Coffee table books are a beautiful collection of memories. Your best and most favourite memories captured and bound in a story. Lovingly entwined your most revered stories page by page. When I launched my first coffee table book on weddings back in 2006, no one had ever done wedding stories bound collection like this. It was the first ever wedding book authored, conceptualized and designed by me. It had my favourite wedding shots compilation of nearly 4 years of collective work for my personal clients. The Eye of Eternity was a formally published coffee table book chapterized by moods…there was candour, glamour, anticipation, camaraderie with my own poetry introduction of all the individual chapters.

The launch was done at Olives, New Delhi and the entire décor of the event was done by Geeta Samuel, a very dear friend and a top notch event planner. It was a closed door, strictly by invite event and the invitees were all the clients featured in the book…4 glorious initial years of sheer hard work.

I was extremely happy and stoked to have had Malaika Arrora fly in from Mumbai for the launch, a befitting glamourous guest of honour for what I can boast of a fabulously curated collection. It was a proud moment evident in the way I am beaming ear to ear!

It was round the clock madness and dedication put in by all of us. The publisher, the team and me. All so well worth it! My coffee table book launch was covered in print as well as well as television, so you can imagine my delight when clients called in to let me know about the wide reach on electronic media.

The planning was extensive and very detailed. I had to seek consent from all my clients to use their personal photographs to publish, needless to say they were not only forthcoming but rather encouraging to see my unique idea take shape. As an overwhelming note of thank you, I presented all my clients with a copy. So many of them sent me pictures of it placed in their favourite nooks and corners. What more can an artist ask for than to have such display of their work.

My most heartfelt appreciation to all who made it possible, my clients, my team and my friends and family who always stand by me and give me the confidence to mark yet another milestone achieved!